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More To Life Foundation

More To Life courses are sponsored by the More To Life Foundation, an international non-profit educational charity founded by Dr. Bradford Brown and Dr. Roy Whiten in 1981. Its aim is to teach people skills and practices that can help them access their full potential as human beings, enhance the quality of everything in their lives, and facilitate an ongoing meaningful and fulfilling partnership with Life.

More To Life helps people learn from life.

As people become more awake to reality and more creative with the challenges that face us, new opportunities tend to open up. And the more people step out of old protective attitudes and get truly creative, the less we tend to spend time blaming ourselves or others for past failures. As we take radical responsibility for our own choices, we also create a new type of personal freedom, combined with a deeper sense of compassion and understanding for the people around us.

When people live from their highest and most noble selves, they are able to make a more powerful contribution to the communities of which they are a part.

If you choose to practice this way of living, you will gain new insight into human nature, and the nature of the world we live in. Life becomes filled with new possibilities. And you will find you have more and more to contribute to it.

To learn more about the history and philosophy of More To Life, and see a schedule of courses being offered, visit our US website.

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