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Senior Trainer for the More to Life International Foundation

Associate Professor of Music Emeritus, Sonoma State University, California

Owner, engineer, producer Banquet Recording Studios, Santa Rosa CA.

3-time Grammy nominated producer & recording engineer

Recording artist, songwriter and producer, New 2 the Brain 

Principle partner MediaSonics, an advertising & media production agency

Principle partner, Pets in Charge     Pet products brand

Athlete: Warren enjoys road biking, racquetball, bodysurfing, scuba-diving and has competed in 4 triathlons. Lisa and Warren are also the proud owners of a tandem bicycle which they enjoy riding through the vineyards of Northern California.

Warren Kahn Life Coaching

From as long back as I can remember, I have been in a pursuit of personal growth, an understanding of human behavior and a quest to know the meanings of life and all matters spiritual.


As a small boy, I remember holding a bird as it was dying and watching the life force leave the frail little body. I marveled at the detail in the feathers and the amazing design of the bird’s physical being. But I was especially touched at a deep level by the mystery of life and drawn to know how it all worked and what my part in this dance of life there was for me to play.


In 1982, I met my teacher, Dr. K. Bradford Brown, one of the founders of the More To Life Program. I was astonished at his ability to see inside human beings to their core, and through the use of various  techniques, help them to transform their lives.  I knew this was a path I wanted to pursue and set a course to become a trainer for this non-profit foundation called More to Life.

It took me nine years to dismantle the false ego driven mental and emotional attachments (which I am still updating) to be named a Senior Trainer. I am one of around 15 trainers in the entire world equipped to deliver some of the most powerful human development experiences I have witnessed in my lifetime.


As a Senior Trainer, I have led courses in the United States, South Africa and New Zealand. As a life coach, I have worked with people worldwide in both professional and personal applications to help them realize their dreams and goals and to create the life they truly want.  I have also led courses within the U.S. Prison Systems to help inmates to make the changes necessary to create a successful path forward.


In another of my career paths, I retired after 23 years as an Associate Professor of Music at Sonoma State University, where I taught courses in recording, music business, songwriting, and live performance.

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