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Comfort is Highly Over-rated

It is an interesting observation that our society seems to be at cross-purposes in the values it professes.

On one hand, we are taught from an early age that the way to be successful in life is to work very hard. From doing well in school, to winning awards, to winning the race, to getting the promotion, to making money, to having material possessions and on and on, we are on an endless to do list to achieve and get more from life.

At the same time, we are bombarded with messages that when we finally get there, (wherever there is) we will be rewarded with leisure activities, no stress, comfort and satisfaction.

Is that philosophy delivering on its promise in your life?

If I take a step back and look at this from a wider perspective, the promise dictates work very hard, do more, jump higher, run faster so you can stop working hard, doing more etc.

For some of us, running hard is our comfort zone, familiar and the basis for our strategy in life. We get our meaning for life and our personal value from what we do.

For others of us, we procrastinate, give up easily and back away from anything that looks chancy. Risk is risky and so that becomes our comfort zone. Chill, have another potato chip.

I bet a lot of us find ourselves traveling back and forth between these two worlds. I know I do.

So what is the alternative? What brings real satisfaction and fulfillment to our lives?

This is a question you can answer for yourself.

For me, I pursue ongoing learning, trusting, wisdom, and love.

As mostly every mother will tell you, giving birth was far from comfortable but is an example of an experience that few would want to un-do.

I am up for it all. To really experience life, it includes pain, loss, death as well as joy, ecstasy, love and fun. I seek a oneness and connection to all that is. I can’t order life from a menu; it comes as a combo plate.

My part is to bring me best to what is given. Not to control life but respond to it with openness, trust and willingness. But easier said then done.

More To Life is one playing field where I get to practice those intentions openly, and proactively and alongside others who share these same intentions. What a gift in my life!

As a trainer and coach for More To LIfe, I also get to offer this sacred knowledge to others also yearning for a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Each and every day I am up for meeting life as it comes, and creating with my most noble and deepest intentions at the helm.

What will I learn today? What old beliefs and fears will I let go of?

What new ways of being will I inhabit in my thoughts words and actions?

The next More To Life Weekend Course is coming soon to a city near you. Don't miss it!

Or if you prefer working one on one, you can sign up for a Life Coaching session with me directly on my website on the schedule page. Either way, I invite you to jump in with both feet.

Together we will explore what life is offering us, and what we can bring to life in response.

I will bring my best and am willing to sacrifice comfort for both my personal and our world’s evolution.

Are you in?

Let’s go.

Thank you for your willingness to engage.

Be well.

Warren Kahn

Senior Trainer and Life Coach, More To Life Foundation

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